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Venetian & Timber Blinds

Being displayed and used every day in your home or office, Venetian and timber blinds will quickly succumb to stains and wear. While many assume soiled blinds of this sort need to be completely replaced, you can avoid the cost of doing so by using Amazing Clean's professional blind-cleaning or repairs service.

If you would like to restore a blind in your home or office, it is important to choose a team that knows how to get the best results without risking damage to your items. That is how the team at Amazing Clean can help.

With a wealth of experience over more than two decades in business, Amazing Clean specialises in Venetian blind repairs and using an environmentally-friendly cleaning method that gently removes dirt and built-up grime from Venetian or timber blinds. They take down and re-hang you blinds, making the process hassle-free for you.

They specialise in:

  • Blinds rejuvenation
  • Removal of stains, grease and mould
  • Re-cording and re-sizing
  • Replacement of damaged slats
  • Timber re-oiling

Their rejuvenation service will also prolong the life of oiled, lacquered or cyba/woodlook blinds.

Get your window coverings back to pristine condition

When it comes to Venetian blinds, cleaning becomes difficult with many hard-to-reach areas preventing you from achieving the best results. While you may dust the main areas, there are many spots that can be harbouring dirt and germs. With Amazing Clean's ultrasonic cleaning method, they can effectively blast away nicotine, dirt, dust, stains, mould and more. As this method is done using water and gentle detergents in moderation, it is an environmentally-friendly solution you can trust.

Need a new cord? Amazing Clean's team are happy to assess your blinds and come up with affordable solutions. To make a booking for Venetian blind repairs, or to speak to Amazing Clean regarding cleaning services, call today.