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Who do you share your bed with?

Oh how we love our bed. It has to be just right or a restless sleeps ensues. Can't be too hard, or too soft and with plenty of room to stretch out. When it comes time for cleaning, the sheets and covers can easily be washed to remove all physical evidence of human or dog/cat slumber. That is all good, but have you ever wondered what is below the sheets?
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The Hidden Dust in your Home

A proud house owner that meticulously cleans their home removing all skerrick of dust and dirt could be forgiven for overlooking this area of dust accumulation. The window coverings in a home are often forgotten when it comes time for cleaning.
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Curtain Cleaning

Are your curtains starting to look a bit old and worn? That’s probably because they’re dirty! If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your curtains recently, take our advice and don’t waste your money.
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Blind Repairs & Cleaning

Don’t be fooled into throwing out your blinds when all they need is an Amazing Clean! Amazing Clean is Australia’s original and leading cleaning company that uses an innovative ultrasonic system to deliver optimal results.
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