Mattress cleaning service

Mattress Cleaning

It's not a secret that sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. In fact, lack of sleep can result in problems such as out-of-control stress, high blood pressure and weight gain. Amazing Clean's mattress-cleaning service makes it a priority to ensure that your sleeping environment is restored fully.

The Amazing Clean premium mattress-cleaning service uses top-quality products to achieve the best possible results. Your mattress will be sanitised, with most stains and odours removed. In addition, a discreet incontinence service is available if required.

Your new sleeping environment will be left free of dust mites, bacteria and asthma-causing allergens! Amazing Clean is a licensee for HealthGuard, an innovative biotech disease prevention solution that utilises non-invasive anti-bed buganti-dust mite and anti-bacterial treatment.

Amazing Clean also supply mattress and pillow protectors, to prolong and maintain the effects of the professional clean, so you can continue to look forward to a good night’s sleep.

Mattress cleaning