What is Ultrasonics and what are the benefits?

Ultrasonics creates high frequency sound waves that produce millions of high energy bubbles in water that implode and literally suck all traces of dirt and grime from the blind. Nothing is missed.

It’s the only process that can remove nicotine stains, mould and other heavy staining. Rejuvenates even the tiredest of blinds! Prolongs the life of your blinds, saving you money. Creates a healthier work and living environment

No matter how well you dust your blinds, you’ll never succeed in removing the germs and bacteria that spread disease, nor mould, grease and insect stains that can deteriorate the materials.

Is Ultrasonic Cleaning environmentally friendly?

Yes, the most precious resource we have in Australasia, water, is used sparingly and the detergents used to clean and sanitise are probably safer than those under your kitchen sink. In fact the US Environment Protection Authority acknowledges the use of ultrasonic cleaning in many industrial applications where there is a high contamination to be cleaned!

What is the process involved in cleaning my blinds?

You don’t have to do anything, we will take the blinds down in the morning, ultrasonically clean them at our factory and bring the blinds back and re-hang them in the same day. You can also deliver your blinds to us and save $$

What about any repairs?

Our specialists can repair most types of blinds.

What is the process involved in cleaning my curtains?

Curtains can be cleaned on-site, whilst still hanging, using our low moisture system so that there is no loss of colour or shrinkage. In some cases it may be necessary to remove the curtains for cleaning back at our factory.