What are ultrasonics and what are the benefits?

Ultrasonics are high-frequency sound waves or vibrations that, when combined with water, will produce millions of high-energy bubbles that implode. When utilised for cleaning purposes, these imploding bubbles can literally suck all traces of dirt and grime from your blind. Nothing is missed.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the only process that can remove nicotine stains, mould and other heavy staining. It also rejuvenates even the tiredest of blinds, which can prolong the life of your blinds and save you money.

Such thorough cleaning, whether in a living or work environment, also has health potential benefits. No matter how well people dust their blinds, the process will never succeed in removing the germs and bacteria that spread disease, nor mould, grease and insect stains that can deteriorate the materials.

Is ultrasonic cleaning environmentally-friendly?

Yes! Australasia’s most precious resource, water, is used sparingly in the Amazing Clean process. Additionally, the detergents used to clean and sanitise are probably safer than those under your kitchen sink.

In fact, the US Environment Protection Authority acknowledges the use of ultrasonic cleaning in many industrial applications where there is a high contamination to be cleaned!

What is the process involved in cleaning your blinds?

You don’t have to do anything. Amazing Clean will take the blinds down and ultrasonically clean them at their factory before bringing the blinds back to your premises and re-hanging them.

For those wishing to save money, there is also an option for you to deliver your blinds to the factory.

What about any repairs?

Amazing Clean’s blinds specialists can repair most types of blinds.

What is the process involved in cleaning my curtains?

Curtains can be cleaned on-site, while still hanging, using Amazing Clean’s low-moisture system so that there is no loss of colour or shrinkage. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the curtains for cleaning back at the factory.

What terms and conditions apply when engaging Amazing Clean?

Amazing Clean's terms and conditions are included on the back of all quotes. They include:

  1. Amazing Clean cannot be held responsible for damage due to age wear, sun damage, colour run, thinning of fabric, damaged or torn fabric or stitching, rot, water damage, worn cords or component damage, hardening of material, loss of sheen, shrinkage, zip or button corrosion or any other damage arising without the default of or beyond the control of Amazing Clean. 
  2. Amazing Clean will not be liable for any damage caused in re-installation of mountings where the same were originally installed by anyone other than Amazing Clean or its servant’s agents or employees.
  3. No work other than that specified will be performed without the written request of the Customer and the written acknowledgement of Amazing Clean. Oral promises made by employees, servants or agents of Amazing Clean are not binding on Amazing Clean.
  4. The customer shall provide access to the premises at all such times as shall be necessary to permit the works to be carried out. All furniture and furnishings shall be moved at the Customer’s own risk. Any material, work or handling in addition to that specified in this contract, will be at an additional cost, shall be furnished only on the Customer’s authorisation, and will be paid for by the Customer on completion of the works. 
  5. The Customer acknowledges that the cleaning of the furnishings will not rectify any inconsistencies in the colour, texture or finish of the furnishings, which may be as the result of natural causes or as the result of any act or action other than the act of Amazing Clean, its servants, agents or employees. Colour differences to different areas of the same furnishings may be due to light exposure and/or other circumstances.
  6. The Customer understands and agrees that upon acceptance of this contract Amazing Clean shall not be responsible for any damage to ceilings, walls, flooring, other fittings, or the furnishings, by any of its servants agents or employees whilst moving the furnishings, ladders or other related equipment through the Customer’s premises.
  7. Amazing Clean shall not be responsible for the replacements cost of any furnishings where the cleaning of the same reveals that the furnishings are deteriorated beyond a visually acceptable condition. 

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