The Hidden Dust in your Home

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A proud house owner that meticulously cleans their home removing all skerrick of dust and dirt could be forgiven for overlooking this area of dust accumulation. The window coverings in a home are often forgotten when it comes time for cleaning. The dirt accumulates slowly over time, so the change is not obvious. The tops of pleated drapes are out of view, where dust layers can fester undisturbed.

Even when it does become apparent that the drapes or blinds no longer have that crisp, fresh appearance - the question begs 'what do I do about this?' Here are some of the problems you would face when determining how to clean the window furnishings:-

  • The drapes are too heavy or lined, so can't be washed in the washing machine
  • It is too difficult to remove the venetians & take them outside for a hose down
  • To individually clean each section of a venetian blind would be time consuming and tedious
  • It can be impossible to work out how to get a roller blind down for cleaning


We don't change the window coverings yearly; in fact it could be years before they are replaced. Imagine how much dust and dirt has collected on these surfaces. Dust harbours little critters called dust mites. These minute creatures can cause sufferers a lot of distressing and uncomfortable allergic reactions. People with asthma are at greater risk to their everyday health because of this mite that breeds prolifically, yet unseen by the human eye.


The modern day home has large windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling - that is a lot of drapes or blinds required to cover the expanse of glass. It is well known the benefits of covering the glass, especially at night in regards to providing a move efficient way to heat or cool the home. We still need to use drapes, blinds - therefore a practicable solution to keeping them clean is paramount.


Lucky for the home owner there are good cleaning companies that will come to your home to clean all varieties of window furnishings in a timely and professional manner. They are the experts and have sound knowledge of the best methods available to perform their work. No risk and no worries that is the way to go.

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