Who do you share your bed with?

Dust Mites Be Gone!

Oh how we love our bed. It has to be just right or a restless sleeps ensues. Can't be too hard, or too soft and with plenty of room to stretch out.

When it comes time for cleaning, the sheets and covers can easily be washed to remove all physical evidence of human or dog/cat slumber. That is all good, but have you ever wondered what is below the sheets?

The humble mattress plays host to a minute creature known by such names as 'cosmopolitan pyroglyphid' house dust mite. These disgusting critters feed on human skin shed in such places like our beds, as they thrive in warm humid environments. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, so making detection very difficult. The dust mites don't invade the human skin but can cause many people distressing allergic reactions, in varying intensity. Asthmatics are particularly vulnerable and need to remove these pests from their home environment.


Luckily there are proven methods to remove these unwelcome pests from your habitat. Mattresses are not easy items to clean. You don't want to saturate the surface too much as it is difficult to dry them, thus allowing the potential for mould to form from within. Dragging them outside for the sun's scorching rays to do the trick is nigh on impossible and completely impractical. A small hand held steam cleaner might do some good, but not strong enough to penetrate and destroy the targets.


When it comes to jobs like this you need to call in the professionals. They are the ones trained to complete the work without risking damage to the fabric or leaving a saturated soggy mattress behind. The equipment used is particularly designed with this purpose in mind, so the customer gets a successful and long lasting completion to the work assigned.


Why stop at the mattress? There are many other surfaces that can be regularly treated just like the bed. The couch that receives regular use and abuse can be safely cleaned in this manner without leaving the house. Don't forget your curtains and blinds that accumulate dirt and dust slowly over time. Outdoor awnings and blinds benefit greatly with a good professional clean removing mildew and grime, thus prolonging their lives.

So maybe it's time to make that call.

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